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Excused dating show fake

All I needed was another fifteen minutes and I would've been on the way home," Joey Greer said to herself as she struggled to keep her umbrella from blowing away in the strong wind.

Possibly she had been in the drug store before and that was why she seemed familiar.-=-=-=- When she had first started at SVC, Joey had made a few deliveries when they were really busy. The owner of the house would be far too important to deal with the little people who made deliveries and such.With that in mind, she was surprised when the door opened and there stood a thirty-something woman, her shoulder length blond hair tied back in a ponytail.Less than a minute later a woman's voice answered, asking who was there."SVC Pharmacy," Joey said into the speaker/receiver, "I have a delivery for Carter." "I'll be right down," the voice said. Carter ran true to form for the residents in this area, it was the maid who was on the way down to deal with her.

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